Smart Water Fund Changes

The Smart Water Fund was established by the Victorian Water Industry in 2002 as a key part of the industry's response to the ongoing challenges posed by climate change and water scarcity. Over the last decade the Fund has invested $50M in over 230 innovative projects across eight research themes. In recent months, the Smart Water Fund Board has undertaken a strategic review of the organisation to identify the next phase of innovation and knowledge sharing for Victoria’s water industry. The outcome of this review has recognised the need to imbed the pursuit of innovation within the water businesses and ensure the continual sharing of knowledge.

A key part of this new model will see the Smart Water Fund Knowledge Hub move to a new home on the Clearwater website resource library to ensure the benefits of research conducted to date continue to be shared with the industry for many years to come. Visitors will be redirected to the new site when it is up and running.

 All existing research contracts will be completed under the new model, which will operate under the guidance of Melbourne Water. Smart Water Fund staff have relocated to Melbourne Water's office in Docklands to oversee the projects and continue to drive knowledge transfer and utilisation within Victorian water industry.

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